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As men and ministries fall, don't succumb to disillusionment

I had a dream recently where I saw people one by one walking in a line and as they reached a certain point, a fog cloud came over their heads and they began to wander and stumble, hands stretched out in front of them trying to find the way forward.
As they wandered, a hand reached out and took their hand, guiding them forward towards it. But then, one by one, still in line, the hand led them off of the edge of a ship and I realized they had just been guided to walk the plank, falling into a pit of darkness. Before the dream ended I saw in all caps the word DECONSTRUCTION written on the plank.
I believe the dream meant this:
As hidden sins are being exposed at high levels in the Body of Christ right now, I believe many people are coming under a demonic fog of DISILLUSIONMENT. I heard that word clearly in the last ALTAR meeting during worship and I actually had to look it up because I was not sure of the exact meaning. Here it is: Disillusionment is defined as a feeling of disappointment resulting from the discovery that something is not as good as one believed it to be.
The enemy wants people to wander in the fog of DISILLUSIONMENT caused by ministry failures long enough to be taken by the hand and lead straight off of the plank of DECONSTRUCTION. Although blinded by fog and led by the hand of the enemy, it was the people doing the walking under their own power which led them to destroy their faith, future, and destiny.
As Christians, it is appropriate to daily be wrestling, questioning, growing, understanding deeper and deeper in why we believe what we believe in partnership with the Holy Spirit bringing deeper revelation to us. This is called discipleship. The plank of deconstructing that I saw was not this… it was representing a full on dismantling of people’s faith at a foundational level, and it was like a gateway that was demonically controlled.
In John 15 Jesus tells us to remain in Him. The word remain means to wait or to stay, implying that though we might desperately want to move out somewhere else, we shouldn’t. When in a season of disillusionment, it is incredibly easy to run, bail out, withdraw, turn away, or hold back portions of our hearts from Jesus until we feel like we can see clearly again, until the fog lifts, until we perceive it as being safe. We hold back our extravagant oil to make sure it’s not going to be wasted.
But the truth is that the safest place in a season of disillusionment is not to run out of the fog, but to press in deeper to Jesus in the middle of the fog. To pour out even more of the most extravagant oil that we have.
Remain, wait, stay in Jesus, the vine.
Don’t hold back your love, don’t close off your heart, don’t protect your extravagant oil.
Remain, wait, stay in the vine.
Don’t reach out for any old hand that offers to guide you out of the fog.
Remain, wait, stay in the vine.
It’s OK to have questions, feel confused, even betrayed.
But Remain, wait, stay in the vine
In the midst of the fog of disillusionment: Press in deeper. Choose to pour out even more extravagance. Choose to trust Jesus. Guard your heart. Abide in the vine.
Don’t be led off the plank in this season. The Kingdom has need of you!


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